Tonbo Tech is an equipment firm founded to engage and provide customers with existing and cutting-edge technologies. In 2017 a founding member experienced paralysis and began seeking products to enhance his life without becoming complacent about the promises of greater abilities. Because of this, you’ll find that Tonbo Tech has developed many products to aide those with accessibility needs. Additionally many products are geared toward the medical field to aide in delivering improved and more efficient services.

Tonbo Tech is staffed by a team of engineers, sales, and marketing professionals. Atlanta being the technology center of the south, is teaming with technical schools. When possible, we like to engage exceptional technical students in our equipment solutioning. – yes, we believe in giving back.

Our current focus has been on products/services enabled by new 3D printing technologies. These are changing the way we look at the art of the possible. Substandard products will not be offered or sold through our site. We personally review all of our products and strive to provide the best value and the most accurate description and assessments of any hardware and/or software which we sell.

Please note, it is our greatest wish to enable the creation/adoption of new and unique products. Opportunities to assist others in joining us in realizing their ideas for new creations are welcomed. Ultimately, our goal is to address our clients’ technical needs of any kind through solid products and services.

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