OUR Story – “MM – Methodically Made”

Methodically Made

MY STORY:   I’ve been a member of what has become this organization for years. It’s always been about creating.  To Tonbo Tech, I bring years of experience in fabrication, and most notably the ability to enable solutions which only metal creations can address.

I have a personal attachment to what Tonbo Tech is creating.  In 2000, my wife and I welcomed into the world our first child and joy of our life.  She was born with certain developmental issues which to this day, we strive to overcome.  We know firsthand the power, usefulness  and effect that simple creations can have on our lives.  That’s one of the main reasons why we ask that if you have a challenge or solution which you may have, submit it to Tonbo Tech.  By doing so, you may be taking the first step in helping many others.

Check your design.  If it has MM (Methodically Made) stamped on it, then I’ve had my hand in its design and execution.

Images of completed work and current ongoing projects…

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